Volume I of the KCC Reads Journal, Paideia:

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Please note: KCC student artist Zanib Ahmad won a 2013 KCC Reads Social Justice award for the cover art featured on the journal — congratulations, Zanib!


Dismembered Me, by Leibel Gordon

Dismembered Me

I am destroyed inside

When I read about your yesteryear:

The lion heart of an adherent mother.

I am dismembered

When I read about your burden:

How they experimented on your agony,

Saving the wasted worst of you.

You are forever freeing prisoners.


unwilling generosity, by Jonathan Tsirlin

 unwilling generosity

part of you never ends
hero recognized by a few
needed by everyone
the invisibility of necessity
             something astonishing
an apple tree that can’t stop giving
surreptitious threshold met after life
praised by many yet known by few
an elixir to plague
mother to men and women
surrounding life for the dying need

Life after Death, by Ethel Meade

 Life after Death


How a life can become eternal

How a life can make history

How a being of cells

Becomes a remarkable mother

Of mothers and fathers

The human that she was

The cells that she is

Of the world today

How quiet is history

A Black Woman, by Jameson Ostine

A Black Woman
By Jameson Ostine

Is prototype
A kind woman
Is mistreated
A memorable woman
Is not honored
A genetic woman
Is individual
A unique woman
Is gone
But remains
Generating millions of herself
A strong and powerful woman
A mistreated woman
Treating everyone
A black woman
Is in everyone


Please note: Jameson Ostine won a 2013 KCC Reads Social Justice award for this poem — congratulations, Jameson!


Gaia (For Henrietta Lacks), by Jayomi Maysonet

(For Henrietta Lacks)

by Jayomi Maysonet

Mother strong
Black strong
Powerfully strong
Feeding those she don’t know
Helping those she don’t know
Taking care of the children
Hers and yours and theirs
She don’t know
Your sweet, naive nature
Your friends and family
Forever everlasting
And violated
Yet indomitable
No, she know